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Now it's time to talk of Referrals, as discussed in other threads but without further elaboration.
What are Referrals?
Are other users Neobux about which you earned money for each click them. There are two types of Referrals.
What are the types of Referrals?
Referrals are the Direct and Rented Referrals.
How do I get these Referrals?
The Direct Referrals are the people you invited to Neobux.
Explaining better: When you register at Neobux you earn a link and custom banners. Anyone that you register in Neobux through your link will turn your Referred Direct and you also earn money for every click it.
See our topic on the buttons Neobux like having access to your link and your banner to get direct referrals.
1 - Click the place where your nick this user to have access to the central area where Neobux side menu appears.
2 - In the "Global" and then "Banners" opened the window where you contain your links and your banners.
Ex: This is my link to get Direct Referrals
Remember that you lose nothing by being Referred someone, so I ask you, if you register, sign up at my link, will be helping me so well that I'm trying to help you with this blog.
How to view the area with their banners and their link to raise these
Ahh, but I have no bag to be inviting people, not serve me then.
Calm, NeoBux also offers the Rented Referrals.
Rented Referrals are people that you "hire" to win over the click of them.
Explaining better: for $ 0.60 (this is the minimum package) you hire 3 Rented Referrals, and earn money on every click them.
Neobux will automatically provide these referred not you pick, but he always chose people who have clicked at least once in the last 3 days. We'll talk about the values ​​below.
For this value have them forever?
No! This value you rent them for 30 days. But rest assured, even if you give chance and did not get mentioned very active, they sure give a return greater than the expense. Moreover, the value referred to renew received a discount depending on the time you renew. If you renew for 240 days for example, you will receive a 30% discount.
If we consider that with $ 0.60 you get 3 referrals, each said output only $ 0.20. If you consider that you can get up to 30% discount on renewal, you renew each referral by $ 0.14 the month value. But remember to get the 30% discount you must renew for 240 days (8 months).

You can also renew those with NeoPoints understand how here.
And if that and my stop clicking?
Should he stay 14 days without clicking Neobux the exchange of grace that is referred to by another asset. Or, you can even pay $ 0.07 and renew your referral any time you want, or switch to another that is active.
Then after that I have not said much more must enter the Neobux? I earn just over the click of them? = D
No! For you to get the values ​​of the referrals of tomorrow, today you must click at least 4 of your ads.
This is important because just as you want your Referrals click for you to earn, you will also be Referred to other persons, whether direct or Rented. So Neobux tries to keep everyone as active as possible, so everyone wins.

Why these are so important
Imagine that you click every day on Neobux and earn your money.
Very good, right? Yes Now imagine you use Neobux a good time, got 100 referrals, even if they are rented per day you can earn beyond your clicks, clicks that their referrals will. Ie the gain value will only increase.
It is obvious that the need for this time. The hardest thing about pay per click sites is the beginning where the profits are too low, but with time and getting at least 5 minutes per day in your account you will see that it's financially compensate.

Got!! Looks really good! But what value gain of each referral?
See the table below, it shows the amount you earn by your click and the click each referral, being a member Gold member and Normal member. Remember that these are values ​​for each click.

Amounts earned by your clicks and your referrals.
I hope you have understood and together we can help one another to earn more and more money.
Any questions I will be happy to respond very quickly by the comments.

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