Thursday, 16 May 2013


Hi everybody, today has been one day that I signed up with the following companies to get paid per click!

It is free to sign up and start to earn some money. You donot have to invest one cent to start earn some money, BUT can be a slow process. For me still a good way to start, as I do not have money to invest and make money fast.
There is no way to be rich so fast like lots people promises and just get your money. Always you have to be motivated, have some consistence and time to invest.
Ad Hit Profits and Neobux are companies that pay you to look websites and do referrals.
I started to have some cents into my account today, and as I like to move little bit faster, I did put $5 into Neobux for a rent referral.
Can sounds complicated but are very easy and simply to do it and all you need is some minutes daily.
I have invested on some of the “Gurus” promising to earn thousands of dollars $$$ in one day, and I haven’t had a cent returned, all that I have received is to get to earn what they say in one day I have to purchase more system, domain names, hosting and so on.  I do not understand anything about websites and how to make works.
Finally finding these sites I can see there is a possibility to earn extra money more realistic.
Today I signed up with more get paid per click.
And I already started to earn some $$$.
All of them the platform are easy to work with.
I can rank my favourites so far:

We have set up a long term Cash Bonanza for you

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